About Mailoor Estate

Mailoor Estate gives you a fascinating and hypnotizing feast of natural scenic beauty. The Estate is comprised of 160 hectares of tea, mostly planted during the period from 1910 to 1930 by pioneer British planters, Mr. John Ives and Mrs. Alice Olga John Ives. The average rainfall received at Mailoor Estate is approximately 133cm with the average air temperature varying between 9 to 25 degrees centigrade. 

Mailoor Estate, which belongs to the Nilgiri Tea Estates Limited, is located in The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu at an altitude of approximately 5200 feet above the mean sea level. The Estate has a modern, Orthodox Black Tea manufacturing factory with all the facilities. The high elevation with climatic conditions characterized by cold, dry, and misty weather provides a distinctive quality to Mailoor teas. Mailoor Tea Estate has a long-deserved reputation of high-quality Orthodox Black Tea and is a top auction selling tea in South India. 

The Mailoor Bungalow is a fine heritage property on Mailoor estate where modern amenities are hewed into traditional lines. The Bungalow is a great place for nature lovers seeking solitude.