Eat Healthy, Eat Fresh and Eat Local

Located near Mundakayam, in the foothills of the High Ranges of Cardamom Hills in the Western Ghats, at about 2000 feet above sea level, Fresh Fields benefits from the ideal climatic conditions to grow tropical vegetables and fruits.

The produce from Fresh Fields is safe to eat, free from preservatives, colouring agents, and heavy chemical residues. We use traditional organic manure and mixtures to enrich the growth of the plants and for the protection of the soil. 

At Fresh Fields, we strive to safeguard the environment by following sustainable precision farming methods. By preserving the co-existence of the plants and nature in the surrounding areas, we follow good agricultural practices to ensure that our produce is grown responsibly. Adhering to these practices ensures that we are able to reach safe-to-eat vegetables and fruits, retaining its natural nutritional value, to our customers.   

Farm-to-Table is what we strive to promote at Fresh Fields. The produce is carefully harvested and sorted to reach our customers on the very same day. A lot of care is taken during the harvesting and sorting process. This way we are able to ensure that quality produce reaches our customers. At Fresh Fields, we cultivate a range of local and exotic fruits and vegetables. We promote the cultivation of native produce as we strongly believe that everyone should, Eat Healthy, Stay Fresh and Eat Local.